Beyond the Lonely Bench :: An Essay at Full Grown People


by Gina Easley |

She felt like a girl—I felt like a girl—because to really become a woman, to actually grow up, would require something of me big, scary, destructive and off-limits—something like cheating, like an affair and with another woman no less, like breaking all the goddamn rules, like making my own prayer books and play books and plans. And none of this would accommodate the sweet house with the French doors, the earth mama I also knew myself to be, the role as wife by way of the only models I knew, and the babies I knew were waiting for me. I could not reconcile the leaking breasts that would nourish then shrink back to perky young with the running with wolves and reading other people’s poems, never my own. And so I didn’t. I looked at other women and I looked at myself and one of us had, always, to be Other.

An excerpt from “Beyond the Lonely Bench,” an essay I’m honored was accepted and published on the magnificent Full Grown People website. Come on over to read the whole piece

3 thoughts on “Beyond the Lonely Bench :: An Essay at Full Grown People

  1. Lisa Sorensen says:

    This is beautiful to me, Jena. So fluid, so truth-full, so poignant and poetic. You capture the struggle, your own, yet also so many of ours who feel our own voices silenced as we read the lines of our roles as we understand them and endeavor to be good at them. Thank you.



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