A Warm Welcome from Mamalode

MamalodeIn the name of exercising the art of submission (hahahaha — I must still be tired and punchy at that), I’ve sent poems, essays, and even a couple of fiction pieces to all kinds of places in the last many months.

I’ve submitted work to contests with actual cash money prizes, to literary journals, print magazines I hold in high regard, online ones I read and respect, and sites that speak to my soul .

And I’m operating on the assumption that it’s best never to assume anything.

Out of my league? Quite probably.

That ever stop me? Nah. Not anymore.

The worst that will happen? Nothing that hasn’t already — an automated rejection email or just silence. For all of eternity. A bruised ego. Maybe some righteous indignation.

Best part? Resilience. A few encouraging words from an attentive editor. And, occasionally, a “yes.”

After recently sending a piece of writing for the first time Mamalode, a magazine that’s also a movement, that “yes” was accompanied by a warm note welcoming me to the family. Mamalode invites submissions, among others, that align with a monthly theme. For March, it’s Aspire. And one of the things I aspire to as a mama — and really, when I stop and think about it, as a writer — it’s to be a source of comfort.

All of which is a long way of saying: Come on over to Mamalode to read What Are Moms Good For?  

2 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome from Mamalode

  1. Juliana Lightle says:

    I keep trying to find a contest open to an already published book. If in your adventures, you find one, please let me know. Obviously you already know that persistence usually pays off in the long run.



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