Use Your Words. Find Your Peeps.

AsalsWhen you participate in my writing groups, you’ll receive prompts that are unavailable to the general public. These are designed to encourage your writing practice, discourage your inner critic (or at least get him or her to pipe down!), and help you practice writing freely, on your own and in the company of other wonderful folks.

Registration is currently open, with spaces available, in Mini Memoirs (April), Dive Into Poetry (April), Gestation and Inside Out (two-week groups in March and May), and the second annual Unfurl retreat in June. All groups are online except for Unfurl, which takes place in Western Massachusetts. You can also sign up for Self-Paced Writing Practice at any time.

Wondrous things happen inside of these groups — both in terms of writing and community; I hope you’ll come experience them for yourself, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.


inkylogo2You’ll also find original prompts — along with an array of fabulous Self-Study Classes and Master Classes by extraordinary teachers — over at The Inky Path, where every single Wednesday, my partner-in-ink, Cigdem Kobu, and I share a brand-new writing prompt on the blog. This weekly dose of inkspiration is free and intended to help you get your ink on.

When you join the Inky Path community, you’ll also benefit from sharing your work on a regular basis, getting to know some of the smartest, kindest, warmest, and funniest people ever, and being inkredibly supported in all of your writing — and life — endeavors — year-round. You’ll also receive special discounts on all of our classes.

I had an especially good time writing this week’s Inky prompt, about defining your own Comfort Zone — lest it define you first.

So come on over and have a look around. Oh! And when you subscribe to the Inky Path blog, Cigdem and I will send you a little book of prompts as a gesture of our gratitude for connecting with our wonderful community of people who love writing.


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