The Art of Writing the Waves


Photo credit: Terrell Woods

You have to paddle hard past the break before you even have a shot at catching a good one.

Those first words, sentences, paragraphs, sometimes whole pages — they are the paddling. It’s hard work and not particularly forgiving or enjoyable. Fear will set in, and doubt. You might even start to wonder why the f*&k am I out here? Who do I think I am?

Keep going. The break will come.

One day, after lots of scrapes and failures and falls and tumbling, after you’ve surrendered to the ocean rather than foolishly thinking it was something to conquer, after you’ve given way to knowing that the swell of writing is bigger than you but you have to meet it with everything you have, that’s when you will find yourself standing up. One with the water. One with the words.

One day, you might even ride it all the way back to shore.

(And then do it again!)

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