Things We’ll Never Know

yellowSome things we’ll never know
about each other’s lives.
Most, in fact.
The agony and the ecstasy,
for example.

Also, the things you talked about

in the car by yourself.
And the way it felt alone
all those months you were sure
the world had forgotten your name.
Maybe it did and this was for the best.

Or the times you laid awake

watching the moon move
from east to west.

Flossing. Standing on a bridge

overlooking a dry river bed.
Boarding a plane alone
after changing your return date.

So many moments, most of them,

in fact, that went unnoted, unrecorded,
unwritten, and unobserved,
the unremarkable and pivotal alike,
like stones some unseen hand
has arranged into small towers
next to trails covered over
by last summer’s leaves.

If you can get away with living

this quietly, tell us the secret.
We promise to keep it
as invisible as we fear


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