11/30 Poems in November: Just the Milk


Heading home from Northampton,
I stopped at Whole Foods for milk.

I even called my wife to jokingly say,
think I can get in and out of here
and really only buy milk?

(We don’t usually shop at Whole Foods.
Because budget. And temptation.)

I exercised willpower and stuck to my plan.
Just the milk. Got in line.

The guy ahead of me gestured, go ahead.
His basket had at least a dozen items.
Thanks, I said, then paid for the milk
plus two Lake Champlain chocolates.

Before I left, I handed him one of them.
He looked surprised — what’s that for?

For letting me go in front of you, I said.
For being kind.

We smiled and wished each other a good night.
We thanked each other
and wished it were as simple as that.



I’m more than a third of the way through a month of daily poems, to support the Center For New Americans in Northampton, Massachusetts. I’m halfway now to my $500 goal. Want to chip in? No amount is too small. 

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