24/30 Poems in November: Thanksgiving

photo-1461023058943-07fcbe16d735Stay, stay, stay.
Not like the Taylor Swift song, silly.
No, more like stay
so that your life isn’t haunted
by leaving.
Stay because waking up
in the arms of love is worth it
but doesn’t come free,
and pure doesn’t mean painless.
Stay because there is no other,
better life. You tried that once,
twice, three times a lady
and I love you so stay.
Stay and run on a day when streets
are empty, knowing days like these
are recipes that call for choices–
you can stir up the sadness
or embrace the one in front of you
with mad love and gratitude
for what is right here, right now.
Stay because we can’t undo
or change the past but we can circle
high above our lives before
swooping down into each other’s arms.
Stay, let’s see what happens
when we keep living,
when it is enough to sit in the kitchen
adding more cream to the too-strong
coffee, adding more minutes
to the meter, parallel parking
my body snug up against yours
and staying put, giving thanks,
thanks, and more thanks
for you.



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