26/30 Poems in November: Take Care

amherst-yoga-centerI wiped my eyes and
arrived late to class
rolled out my mat
in the spot my sister
saved for me.
For the first twenty
or so minutes
I sat on the sobbing
that would’ve taken
over if I let it.
I gathered my breath,
gathered myself up
into the body
An hour later,
there I was standing
on one leg,
warrior three
followed by half-moon
an arc unto myself
one hand to sky
foot to floor,
steady strong
surprising myself
with what comes
so readily
as soon as I step away
from the struggles
that feel insurmountable.
Later, a three-hour nap.
A movie date with my wife.
Strife ain’t going anywhere
so we have to make time
to take care of life



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