When police stop killing black people, dayenu.
When police who kill black are put away for life, dayenu.
When we worry about the promising futures of ALL youth, dayenu.
When women no longer die at the hands of abusers, dayenu.
When people with mental illness receive compassionate care, dayenu.
When schools in poor neighborhoods receive equal state and federal funding, dayenu.
When we don’t wait for tragedy to strike our school, our town, our family to take action, dayenu.
When we look back on how silly it was to worry about which bathroom people were using, dayenu.
When it is safe and legal to get an abortion no matter what, dayenu.
When being sick isn’t something that can destroy you and your family financially, dayenu.
When all young people have green spaces where they can play safely, dayenu.
When the wealthiest pay more taxes, dayenu.
When every shelter has a bed, dayenu.
When every addict has access to treatment, dayenu.
When every community has clean drinking water, dayenu.
When healthy food options are available and affordable no matter one’s income level, dayenu.
When Black Lives Matter, really matter, dayenu.
When it’s safe for me to hold hands with my wife in every state, city, and town in this country, dayenu.
When Islam is no longer branded as dangerous, dayenu.
When we care more about oceans than iPhones, dayenu.
When we learn how to sit together and listen, dayenu.
When environmental terrorism is no longer perpetrated by the government and private corporations, dayenu.
When politicians can no longer be bought, dayenu.
When the land is returned to itself, dayenu.
When Native Americans and people whose ancestors were stolen from their land and brought to this country in slave ships receive reparations in the form of money, community development, education, and health care, dayenu.
When the state of Israel treats African refugees by welcoming and caring for the stranger, for we too were once strangers in a strange land, Dayenu.
When pink and blue no longer represent gender “norms,” dayenu.
When non-binary pronouns become part of our everyday speech, dayenu.
When the clothes on our backs don’t come at the expense of human lives, dayenu.
When voting obstruction and tampering are things of the past, dayenu.
When artists are treasured and and elders are honored, dayenu.

Chag Sameach + Shabbat Shalom. 


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