We Are Each Other’s Keepers

Photo: Jonathan Simcoe

This happened yesterday. Chikesia Clemons requested to have plastic utensils. And when she questioned the extra charge (which was new since her last time eating there), the employee canceled her order and called the cops, who were violent and inhumane in their treatment of her.

Meanwhile, white customers continued eating.

Meanwhile, a 29-year-old white male with an AR15 murdered four people, injuring others, at a different waffle house, and not a single politician has mentioned the shooting. The victims, Akilah Dasilva, DeEbony Groves, Joe Perez, and Taurean Sanderlin, were black — as is James Shaw, Jr., the man who disarmed the shooter.

Meanwhile, 400 Nazis marched through a small town in Atlanta this weekend, burning huge wooden swastikas, wearing Hitler t-shirts, guzzling beer, and wearing Confederate flags. One of them had this to say: “We need to round illegal immigrants up and put them in camps if need be. We are at war with the illegals.”

(By the way: It is illegal in Germany to perform a Nazi salute. Why? Because Germany knows that if you don’t confront history, it repeats itself on loop.)

Meanwhile, teachers in Asheville, NC have been walking children home from school, because their parents are too scared to leave the house because of ICE raids. Here in the Pioneer Valley alone, there are now at least four individuals receiving sanctuary in places of worship while lawyers work overtime to try to secure their safety.

Meanwhile, Trump is brazenly tweeting anti-semitic slurs, with zero accountability or consequence.

This is all connected.

Do your day. Love your people. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather. And: Call your representatives. Talk with your neighbors and kids. Don’t look away. We are each other’s keepers.



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