Some FAQs About Writing Practice + Groups

Periodically, I like to go back to basics and remind folks — myself included — what this writing practice business is really all about.  So, while baby dog snores at my feet, I put together some FAQs for you. I hope you find them helpful.

Q: What is writing practice?

A: Getting words on the page without worrying about polishing, perfecting, or publishing. The act itself has value, and often reveals gems that may otherwise have stayed hidden. This is truly a practice of self-ownership, rather than writing for an audience (or not writing for fear of one).

Q: Why do this in a group?

A: There is power in community. In witnessing and encouraging each other to show up. In remembering that we are not the only ones. In taking the risk to be seen. In setting ego aside and letting ourselves be imperfect, real… human. In having a bit of structure to help you start — and keep you going.

Q: How does it work?

A: You sign up for the next group (choose a 2-week or slower 10-week option). Meet some wonderful folks. Get prompts in your inbox. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Just write. It is really that simple. The only thing that makes it complicated is the inner critic, and she’s not invited.

Q: What if I can’t afford it?

A: Message me. I am committed to making all of my work accessible to anyone who wants to write, regardless of financial status. Contrubutions to a Community Writers’ Fund help me offer sliding scale payments and sponsored spots.

Q: I am so busy. I can’t possibly keep up with a writing group.

A: The idea of keeping up is one we dispense with pretty much from the get go in my groups. There is enough of that in our culture. As for being so busy… oh, this could turn into a whole blog post. Maybe I’ll write that one soon!

Q: I’m not really a writer.

A: Wait, is that a question? You don’t need to flash your writer badge to sign up for a group. No one will be checking your writing credentials at the door. If you write words on a page, you are a writer. If writing is one of the ways you process and explore your experience of being here in the world, you are a writer. If writing is grounding, healing, or inspiring for you, you are a writer.

Q: Where do I sign up?

A: Right here! Or drop me a note if you have questions I didn’t address here. A new 2-week group starts next week, or you can choose a 10-week, slow-burn option.

Q: If not now, when?

A: That one was rhetorical.


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