Just When You Thought

Just when you thought it was all over
Just when you’d put the gardens to bed
Just when the frost came fast
and you hadn’t yet chopped the wood
the last of your bounty unharvested
because you’d chosen to take a moment for joy

Just when you cried out like some biblical character
pleading for supernatural help
Just when you feared you wouldn’t last
through another winter
Just when the heating bill became astronomical
and all the color seeped out of the trees

Just when hope seemed like something impossible and frivolous
Just when you lost your whole family to dogma
Just when justice lost all meaning along with the words
we used to eat from like so many empty bowls
Just when the last bloom succumbed to the inevitable season

Just then you knelt down on cracked pavement
and saw that beauty  would not, could not be stopped

Just then you wrapped your hands around the thorny stems
squeezed your eyes shut as if in prayer as your hands  bled
and vowed once again to open at your own pace
not for any man or woman or court or cause
but for yourself alone
and the generations that will inherit this tangled garden

2 thoughts on “Just When You Thought

  1. Maureen Bauer-McGahey says:

    Thankyou for your generosity in sharing this poem!
    You read my mind and I intend to learn your poem by heart.
    And I will write my own poem too!

    You are making a difference-/ of emended and essential proportions to get each one of us to a personal tipping point..,,

    And I know what happens when we do that as a sweet community.

    On this Canadian thanksgiving , I thank you from my big open furry heart.

    Maureen Bauer-McGahey


  2. daniel boylan says:

    It’s me again, telling you again, how much you mean to me. And to so so many others out there. As we learn to believe in ourselves enough, to keep going, to keep showing up, to keep sharing with each other—we create this energy of together permission hope love and, as you put it so well: “fierce encouragement” to go on and express all we can of ourselves. Then we get a little stronger, a little better at being what we need to be, and can encourage others, and you, Jena, to be all that you can be. And that, That, is doing a lot in this life. Publish or perish—NO. Write and live, together—Yes. May it be so.



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