Come Inside, Pour a Cup

When I start measuring my worth in output — I know I need to reset my compass and come back to center.

More is not always better.

We are not machines, designed to function faster and more efficiently, with more shortcuts, more “hacks.”

Bigger is not always better.

We are not here to keep up with some impossible pace, a black hole of productivity.

Visible is not always more valid.

So much happens underground, in the dark, in the quiet, in the interior cavities and recesses and barely lit hallways of our deepest rooms.

When I get lost, I almost always know right where to look. To my feet. To my hands. To my heart beating in my chest. To the sky. To the ground. To the jaw opening wide and the mouth releasing sound.

Different is not always better.

You do not have to reinvent yourself to make an impression.

Rain turned to snow turned to sleet. The world outside my windows — a dull evergreen, a long bird singing.

Come inside, pour a cup, slow down, listen.


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