Easy Love, Birthday Love

My beautiful wife Mani turns 39 today, and yesterday was our second anniversary. In short, September 27 and 28 are a powerful pair of days in our lives. But the really magical part is that I get to wake up with this woman every single day and lie down next to her every single night. I get to see her during most of the hours between.

She is my rock, my anchor, my protector, and my huntress. She is my found treasure, my ocean, and my still waters run deep. She is a healer, a novelist, a midwife, a mother, a yogini, a serial reader, an artist, a wordsmith, a foodie, a fashionista, a friend, and a force of nature. Together, we are dorks and dreamers and do-ers who recommit daily to each other and ourselves and LIFE, because there is so much to love and our time here is precious. She brings out the best in me, which is to say: My whole self. I pray I do the same for her.

I still marvel that a single comment she left on a blog post I wrote here back in 2009 eventually led to this life we share. The woman has an inner compass like none I’ve ever known, and not a day goes by that I don’t pinch myself that I get to be hers.

Here’s to the next 39 years, babe. (And if we want to go all biblical, 39 more after that.) I tried to arrange a date for you with Krishna Das and Dolly Parton, but that will have to wait until your 40th. Bask in knowing that you are loved and celebrated, beyond the beyond!