The Roar Sessions: Mindy Tsonas

mindy3New Moon Howl 
by Mindy Tsonas

The end of one cycle, the beginning of another. Isn’t it always the way?

It is fitting that today’s Aquarian New Moon is about experimenting and experiencing new ways of becoming, to embrace the discomfort that will carve new pathways into being.

It’s about devotion to always seeking your Roar and finding it deeply embedded within that space between comfort and friction. What is a roar, but an overt feral claiming? A way for others to hear your voice, but more importantly, a way for you to acknowledge your own life force behind it. To project your roar you must fully commit to the release, one hundred and ten percent, along with an unwavering belief in its trajectory… I am here. This is me.  

For many years in my work I stood in the crowd waving my arms, jumping up and down thinking, “Look over here! Hello!” My roar unsettled me, scared me even. I knew I had things to say, but I was afraid people might not want to listen, or even worse, that they would judge me. My voice lay quietly beneath my breath as I sought the safety of circles where I could mostly blend in rather than dare to put my own naked heart on the line.

I hadn’t yet learned that all the power lives inside the vulnerability. It took an earthquake inside my own world to fully understand what that kind of authenticity really requires.

When I came out to my husband in 2010, twelve years into our typical suburban ever-after marriage, my Roar was born. The lesson continues to be, the more I let go of holding back the more soundly and far-reaching my truth can reverberate. Truth is connection. Truth is intimacy. Truth is touching and illuminating the place from which your Roar arises.

I know now there is an achingly unmistakable difference between knowing who you are and speaking it out loud. Also, by working towards one, it inherently strengthens the other – truth finds voice, voice finds truth – a virtuous circle of love and light. Open dialogues build bridges of dimension and reciprocity that would otherwise never exist. Being seen and heard affects your story in the same way it did Dorothy the moment she stepped into Oz. It is an invitation, an invocation to full-on technicolor living.

This New Moon asks you to make peace with discomfort. To feel it, not fight it, and see where it might push you to rise in beautiful ways you never thought possible. Because your Roar matters, if for nothing other than the extraordinary gifts you’ll receive from allowing your own fierce vulnerability.

I assure you there is nothing more compelling or incendiary.



Mindy2Mindy Tsonas is a Wish Alchemist, a maker of creative mischief and sexual revolutions. She writes, paints, and conjures both the tangible and intangible to manifest meaningful conduits of connection and healing. Coming out inside of her 12 year marriage changed everything. Now devoted to wildly trusting her own true desires, she gathers women inside this magical kind of transformative core intimacy leading the way to daring new places of personal discovery. Follow her work and adventures at


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